hello! and, wellcome, to, the, godfather, productions! note: you can navigate to the info areas only as they are all headings at level 2 while the things which you can check out like games softwares social media and such are at heading level3. this is just for quick nav purposes for people like me who depend on hotkeys.

this web site is contributed to all blind dudes who face problems like me.

owner of the page: aarush bhat, an indian boy, who has been blind since childhood.

let's hit some backstory, shall we, afterall, always boring stuff before interesting?

so, a young kid who has eyes which are no use to him, living in a country where any special dudes are treated as if they are from jupiter planet, they can't do nuthing. So that kid decided to proove himself.
however, the things weren't easy, lot of axesiblity issues and all that crap. fighting to get his rights, looking for days for helping softwares and such.
i found out that some softwares, though being a tun of useful, weren't known to the public as such.
i'll try to bring out such points, along with some of my own attempts to make this a better world for the blind to live in.
and that, my friends is exactly what this site intends to do.

ok so, now that we're done with the boring stuff let's get to the point.

So i am alone handeling the web site and not much support from family and stuff cause ya know, personal stuff. Therefore, enicially i am colabing with kz or kingzombie (i'll link his page below ) on some projects, which i'll keep you posted on.
sinse we both are collabing so the enicial projects will be posted on both sites.
ok so now let's talk about
you guys are wellcome for critisism if the projects suck and please give me advices.
I know my english sucks too but meh.

so after my exams are over i am thinking about a smaller game project to learn more, (i and many others believe that games are kind of very helpful to gain knowledge in a program) and a major project which i think i'll work on later this year when i'm better at it and i warn you, that's gunna take time sinse its only both of us. but if you wanna contact us for support you can email me of which i'll also give in the contact info section.
till then i think there will be more smaller projects to keep this site going and i hope you enjoy. as i said, i'll keep you posted on the updates so make sure to check this out.

thanks for coming here and participating.

an edition:

please make sure to checkout my blog, which's also given in the links section. you'll know about the conditions of indians on blind and may be get some inspiration. though i highly doubt such things exist in other countries.

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